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We are an award winning specialist engineering company involved in the control of industrial and environmental noise and vibration. Controlling Noise and Vibration is a complex issue, we have the skill and experience required and manufacture a range of innovative solutions at our own advanced facilities.

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Acoustica has expanded to become a leading name in the noise control industry. Our aim is to engineer solutions that stand up to the closest scrutiny. We have some well known and satisfied clients, including Rolls Royce, British Airways, General Motors, Glaxo Smith Kline, Thames Water, Tyco Oil & Gas, UK Ministry of Defence, Proctor & Gamble and Tesco amongst others. 

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Our culture is one of continual improvement and innovation, which is a result of investing time, training and enthusiasm into talented people. We have patent applications progressing and a pipeline of unique products planned for launch. 


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Lindell IP Ltd. Trading as Acoustica
Easter Park,
United Kingdom

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